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The Tour of Somerville

A Tradition in Bicycle Racing Since 1940!

The Tour of Somerville Cycling Classic is now a three-day event! Three days of world-class cycling for professional and amateur cyclists over Memorial Day weekend. Park yourself, your friends and your family on the downtown curbs to watch the incredibly fast action, or stroll around enjoying the vendors, live music, kids’ activities, the food stands and the entertainment while the races take place around you. Free admission allows spectators to view all of the races.

The Kugler-Anderson Memorial

The weekend event culminates on Monday with the 50-mile Kugler-Anderson Memorial Tour of Somerville, known as the "Kentucky Derby of Cycling." The Tour is the oldest major bicycle race in the United States and a legend in the lore of bicycle racing.

The Tour of Somerville features a live stream that is viewable on a number of platforms including YouTube and Twitch. Various cameras are positioned at strategic locations throughout the race course and people from around the world will be able to watch this classic race event live.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Tour of Somerville Offers a Variety of Sponsorships for Legendary Cycling Event

2018 is the 75th anniversary of the Tour of Somerville, bringing new activities and opportunities to sponsor this historic event. With more than 600 world-class cyclists and thousands of spectators, there is no better community event to sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities are available for corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations to partner their brands, targeting a unique mix of participants and spectators.

PressSPONSORSHIP opportunities 

Unity Bank joined the Tour of Somerville in 2017 as the title sponsor of the event for the next several years.

"We are truly excited to be a part of the Tour of Somerville because it is a special event for both cycling fans and the community that is an important tribute to our nation's veterans as well," said Unity Bank President and CEO James A. Hughes.

Cycling Tips with Joe Saling

Joe Saling, 21-time national cycling champion as well as the Tour of Somerville race announcer, will be featuring a series of video cycling topics. Learn how to improve your cycling from Joe and other cycling greats. Topics like bike maintenance, repair and buying the best bike for your needs. There will be training information to improve your fitness and how to enjoy the best cycling roads in New Jersey.

See all videos here

Racing Tradition

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